Lakefront Brewery

Imagine you’re diving into a frothy pint of history and innovation at Lakefront Brewery.

You’ll explore their rich past, savor the distinctive beers that’ve put them on Milwaukee’s map, and get swept up in an unforgettable tour.

You’ll also witness how they give back to the local community.

Get ready to immerse yourself in this brewing adventure where tradition meets creativity.

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The History of Lakefront Brewery

You’d be amazed to know how the history of Lakefront Brewery is steeped in rich traditions and innovation. Born from the roots of home brewing, this Milwaukee-based brewery started its journey back in 1987 when two brothers took their passion for beer and turned it into a thriving business.

It’s not just about brewing at Lakefront; it’s about embracing creativity, pushing boundaries, and honoring the craft.

The traditional methods used by the Klisch brothers incorporated innovative twists that quickly led them to success. They weren’t afraid to experiment, often venturing into unique flavors like pumpkin lager or organic ESB (Extra Special Bitter). You see, they understood that freedom lies in daring exploration.

Lakefront was also one of the first breweries to receive federal approval for gluten-free beer production – a testament to their forward-thinking spirit. They’re pioneers who don’t shy away from challenges but meet them head-on with inventiveness and grit.

Your appreciation for Lakefront’s brews isn’t just about tasting great beer—it’s about valuing an enduring spirit of independence and bold innovation. So raise your glass high; you’re not just drinking a beer. You’re savoring a piece of history brimming with zestful ingenuity.

The Unique Beers of Lakefront Brewery

You’re sure to be impressed by the unique beers on offer here, with their distinct flavors that set them apart from others. At Lakefront Brewery, every brew is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation.

Let’s dive into Lakefront Brewery’s signature New Grist Pilsner. This isn’t your average pilsner; it’s gluten-free! You might wonder if that affects the taste, but rest assured, this beer doesn’t compromise on flavor. It’s crafted with sorghum and rice, giving it a refreshing crispness you’ll relish.

Next up is their Riverwest Stein Amber Lager, a tribute to Milwaukee’s German brewing heritage. You’ll appreciate its smooth maltiness and subtle hop character. It’s like tasting history in each sip!

Then there’s the Eastside Dark Lager – an intriguing play of light and dark. You’ll savor its balanced blend of roasted malts and light hops. This brew challenges conventional lager norms while maintaining its drinkability.

Finally, don’t miss out on their seasonal Pumpkin Lager. Unlike typical pumpkin beers that are often too sweet or too spicy, this one strikes the perfect balance with just enough pumpkin essence.

At Lakefront Brewery, they’re not just brewing beer—they’re crafting freedom in liquid form for you to enjoy at your leisure.

The Lakefront Brewery Tour Experience

Let’s not forget about the tour experience, it’s one of a kind and shouldn’t be missed! Your adventure begins as you step into the heart of Lakefront Brewery, a haven where freedom and creativity flow as freely as their award-winning beers.

Feast your eyes on the gleaming copper kettles and stainless steel fermenters. Feel the heat from the brew house, smell the fragrant grains, hear the hiss of CO2 escaping from aging barrels. You’re not just observing – you’re immersing yourself in brewing history and techniques that have been refined for centuries.

Guides will lead you through this labyrinth of brewing artistry with engaging narratives on beer lore and Lakefront’s innovative spirit. They’ll reveal secrets behind their unique brews: how Riverwest Stein was inspired by German amber lagers; why Fuel Café Stout boasts organic roasted coffee flavors; what gives Eastside Dark its rich complexity.

As they pour samples straight from chilled taps, savor each sip. Experience how hoppy bitterness balances malty sweetness; recognize yeasty undertones or fruity esters; appreciate diverse styles shaped by tradition yet reimagined for modern tastes.

The tour ends but your craft beer journey doesn’t have to. Remember: freedom lies in exploration, so seek out more adventures at Lakefront Brewery!

Supporting Local: Lakefront Brewery’s Community Involvement

It’s not all about beer; they’re also deeply involved in supporting the local community. You’ll find Lakefront Brewery at the heart of numerous initiatives, pooling resources together, brightening Milwaukee’s spirit with their philanthropy.

Lakefront doesn’t just brew award-winning beers; they cultivate a sense of camaraderie that is as refreshing as their craft lagers. They understand that brewing is an art form steeped richly in history and tradition – a heritage they honor by sourcing local ingredients whenever possible, thus sustaining Wisconsin’s farming communities.

You’ve gotta appreciate how Lakefront integrates sustainability into their operations too. From repurposing an old power plant for their brewery to using spent grains as feed for local livestock – every step screams respect for Mother Earth.

But wait, there’s more! Ever heard of “Brewing Good Sundays”? It’s an initiative where part proceeds from taproom sales go towards aiding local non-profits. They’re literally turning beer into benevolence!

In essence, Lakefront Brewery isn’t just about crafting quality beers or showcasing brewing techniques passed down through generations – it’s about embracing a responsibility towards the community and environment. That’s freedom in its truest form: liberating oneself from self-interests to serve greater causes!

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